samantha Allen

professional tweeter | amateur voice actor | certified goofball


Sam has spent the last three years tweeting about buses. She’s pretty good at it.


As the Web & Interactive Marketing Specialist for GoTriangle in Durham, North Carolina, Sam knows the Internet. She has won national awards for producing an educational video series, live coverage of a hurricane relief event and writing and directing a music video that has more than 30,000 views.

When she’s not taking photos, building web pages and writing rap songs, you can find her reading in her hammock with her pup Ellie.




(571) 225-3012



Durham, North Carolina

Social Media

After helping run Elon University’s social media as an undergraduate to developing content calendars for musicians at LaFamos PR in Los Angeles, Sam found her groove as a social media professional. At GoTriangle she has grown their social media presence by 200%. She has spoken publicly on the importance of online branding.


In 2017, Sam expanded her role at GoTriangle to include developing and editing websites. She now maintains the online brands of GoTriangle and GoDurham, including their regional projects: light rail and Go Forward.


Sam has always enjoyed the entire process of video production: scripting, shooting, acting and editing. She works closely with GoTriangle’s videographer on developing cohesive video series, purposeful advertisements and impactful social media clips.

I wrote and directed the “Ride the Bus” music video. The video won a Grand AdWheel Award from the American Public Transportation Association.

This video is one example of my voiceover work. This 30 second advertisement played in front of thousands at Southpoint AMC Theatres.

I produced, shot and edited this video to show the benefits of transit for those in the Triangle.

A fun video that I acted in to market transit use during the holidays.

I wrote and directed GoTriangle’s acceptance video for winning APTA’s Grand AdWheel Award.